Virtual learning, real-world benefits

Why we’re super positive about our Software Engineer Fast Track programme moving online right now.

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8 Jun 21

A modern day alternative to University

With the average graduate of a 3-year university course in the UK now graduating with student loan debts of more than £50,000, it’s no surprise that now more than ever people are considering other routes into a professional career.

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8 Mar 21

Meet the team: Jenny Ardrey

Jenny is one of our mentors at Manchester Codes. Read her words of wisdom for new Software Engineers and find out what excites her in the world of tech

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2 Dec 20

Meet the team: Ersel Aker

Ersel is our Head of Teaching at Manchester Codes. Find out what inspires him to teach...

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26 Oct 20

My journey to becoming a software developer

My journey to becoming a software developer was not exactly traditional. I graduated university in 2016 with a degree in advertising and marketing and started out in the adult working world as a digital marketer.

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14 Sep 20

Lunch and Learn with AO: Episode 1

In the hot seat this week, we invited Ashley Carter and Ehsan Isman from AO to help us answer a list of questions from aspiring developers from our current and future students.

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23 Aug 20

Reopening - a hybrid approach

Find out more about our new hybrid teaching approach, as well as some of the steps we are taking to keep students safe when we welcome our September 2020 cohort

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3 Aug 20

Remote-first: How we are adapting

For us, the thought of moving online wasn’t something that was thrown upon us by’s actually something we had in the pipeline almost a year prior to our hand eventually being forced. In that time period we had a vision of an online learning environment complemented by a bespoke interactive learning platform and a community of like minded learners.

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23 Jun 20

Announcing the Mae Jemison Scholarship

Recent developments in America, around the death of George Floyd, have sparked anger, frustration and heartbreak in America and across the world. We are all currently bearing witness to actions that are the opposite of what we stand for.

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1 Jun 20

A new course for the new normal

We’ve been thinking carefully about what we offer, and making sure that - in these difficult times - we can reach as many people as possible. That’s why today we’ve launched our new Software Engineer FlexiTrack course.

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25 May 20

Is the future of work remote?

Now that so many Tech companies have quickly pivoted to allow their employees to work remotely, have we arrived at the new normal?

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13 May 20

Covid-19 Coronavirus: Our Response

Here at Manchester Codes we’ve been monitoring the current Covid-19 situation very carefully. Just over 2 weeks ago we advised all of our staff, students and alumni on extra measures being put in place to ensure their safety but also to ensure they can continue to receive the best support from our talented tutors.

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14 Apr 20