Programming Foundations

Programming Foundations

You’ll hit the ground running on our Programming Foundations module. You’ll learn how to navigate through and manipulate files and folders on your computer with speed in our command line course. Our Git course will enable you to store your code online and collaborate with others - an essential tool for any Software Engineer. This is followed by our HTML, CSS and JS courses, which together will enable you to build visually appealing, interactive webpages. You'll also learn how to deploy a webpage, so it's available for others to see on the World Wide Web.

How long is the Programming Foundations module?

What are the entry requirements?

How much does the course cost?

What can I do after the course?

Next Course

31st Mar - 10th Sep 2020
Part-Time - 24 weeks

Tuesday and Thursday
18:30 to 21:30

Saturday (optional)
10:00 to 16:00


Go for it – it’s intense but fun, and completing the course definitely gives you a huge sense of achievement.

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