Backend Development

Backend Development

Backend Development gives you a solid grounding in Node.js, Express and MongoDB fundamentals. During this module, you'll learn how to build APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that can be communicated with via a frontend web application, the command line or Postman. You'll build up a portfolio of 4 different projects throughout the module:

  • Shopping List
  • Microlives Calculator
  • Music Library API
  • Group Project

How long is the Backend Development module?

What are the entry requirements?

How much does the course cost?

What can I do after the course?

Next Course

31st Mar - 10th Sep 2020
Part-Time - 24 weeks

Tuesday and Thursday
18:30 to 21:30

Saturday (optional)
10:00 to 16:00


Go for it – it’s intense but fun, and completing the course definitely gives you a huge sense of achievement.

CloverFebruary 2018