Up to 12 months interest-free

To make paying for your tuition easier, we offer up to 12 months interest-free on our course fees.

A minimum deposit of £1,000 applies, and you must be a UK resident to access this scheme.

Course fee£5,500.00
Deposit amount (Minimum deposit £1,000.00)
Deposit amount£1,000.00
Finance amount£4,500.00
Number of repayments12
Monthly repayment£375.00
Representative APR0%
Total amount£5,500.00

Repay over 5 years with a Coursebud loan

We've partnered with Coursebud - an organisation that facilitates loans for coding bootcamp students - to enable you to repay your tuition fees over instalments split up to 5 years. You can also borrow up to £7,500 in living costs to help support you whilst you study e.g. if you want to reduce your working hours or need support with childcare costs.

Applying for a Coursebud loan is easy and doesn't require a deposit. If you would like to fund your tuition fees this way then please let us know during or following your application, and we'll send you the necessary information.

Manchester Codes x Coursebud