Our course is designed for complete beginners, so don't worry if you've never tried coding before. Unlike other courses out there, you won't just learn how to make websites, but rather a much wider spectrum of software engineering which includes:

  • How software engineers work and the tools they use.

  • The fundamentals of a programming language and best practice.

  • How to store, manipulate and retrieve data (backend development).

  • How to create data-driven visual and interactive experiences (frontend development).

You'll also gain valuable experience working in a software development team in our Group Projects module - a must have if you are looking to career change.

Tooling and workflow

Gain an understanding of the tools needed to get started with software development and how to install them, so that you are ready to hit the ground running.

Command Line

Learn how to navigate files and folders programmatically using a tool called the Command Line - a best practice allowing you to work much more efficiently as a Software Engineer.

Git and GitHub

Keep track of changes in your code using Git. You can then store these changes online on GitHub, allowing other developers to collaborate on your work.

HTML, CSS and DOM manipulation

Create basic websites in HTML, before giving layout and extra aesthetic to this content with CSS. You'll then learn how to use JavaScript to create interactive experiences.

Prospectus 2021

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