Meet the Instructor: Tom

What gets you excited about Technology?

DonutTech. Technology that involves Donuts

How long have you been coding? How did you get started?

15 years. I got started in school where the firewall blocked gaming websites (Miniclip etc!) , so I ripped off a load of flash games and self hosted them on my website. Using free domains, I just kept changing the address every time the school IT dept caught up with me. In hindsight I was a total badass

What do you enjoy about working at Manchester Codes?

Students here are generally looking for more than just upskilling. For many it’s a whole new career and life direction. I really enjoy being a part of that positivity, and seeing so many people from different backgrounds graduate is great for the industry.

Favourite language and framework/library/ tool?

Git - as simple and powerful as you want it to be! Has saved my ass a few times.

Least favourite language and framework/library/ tool?

Visual Basic

One piece of advice you have for people fresh to Software development?

It gets easier!

Outside of work, what do I like to do for fun? How do you spend your downtime?

I spend a lot of time looking at a screen so anything outdoors as long as beer is involved! I also love messing on cars, I’m restoring some at the moment, and finding out it’s not a quick process.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

A cat

If you were stranded on a remote island, alone. What piece of technology/ gadget would you be unable to live without?

I may later regret this, but an Animatronic Chuck E Cheese.

How can people follow your journey?