Diversity in Tech Benefits Everyone, and Here’s Why.

If you’ve made it to our website, we don’t have to tell you that tech is one of the most exciting industries in the world. It’s all about innovation and imagining new possibilities. It’s about creating a new way of connecting the globe, a globe made up of a diverse range of ethnicities, cultures, orientations and genders. But how can the magic of tech truly reach these communities if they aren’t a part of it?

At Manchester Codes, we understand that women make up only 31% of the technology sector in the UK, and young girls account for 15% of graduates in computer science degrees. So yes, to state the obvious, technology has been a bit of a boys club. There is no denying an obvious lack of diversity and when you’re constantly building a world from one single perspective, it fails to truly capture the colour in our society.

On the brighter hand, inclusion in tech leads to new perspectives, new ideas and unsurprisingly, it adds value. Technology companies with women in leadership roles are outperforming their competitors, and that shouldn’t come as a shock. If over half of the population consuming technology in the UK are women, who better to really understand their wants and needs, than women themselves. So if diversity benefits everyone, why is there such a lack of it?

We believe the onus falls on businesses within the tech sector, who already have their seat at the table. That is why we offer the Diversity Discount. We know that in 2020 among all employees, women earned 15% less than their male counterparts for the same work (yes the infamous gender pay gap), but behind that curtain, there’s more. Women often enter the workforce on lower pay than men, even if they’re more educated. They then spend on average 12x their annual salary buying a home, when the average is only 8x for men. And after jumping through all the extra hoops, women are outliving men by five years (which you may think is a redeeming positive), but with two years of maternity leave you’ve lightened your pension wallet by £25,500.

So the reason we offer our discount is clear. We want to do our part in changing the tech landscape. We cannot expect to remedy the under-representation of communities in technology if we do not acknowledge our part in addressing the barriers they face. We want to be a company that champions positive change, and works towards impactful inclusion for women and underrepresented communities pursuing a career in tech.

If we could leave you with one message, it is that diversity benefits everybody. It breeds creativity, it breeds new ways of thinking, it breeds a new future. It is time for women and gender minorities to code the new manual, rather than have it handed to them. We can change the landscape from the inside out. We can’t begin to imagine the incredible innovations that could be produced, but put a truly diverse range of individuals in a room and we have no doubt they could.


If you identify as a woman or non-binary, are from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background, or you have a disability, then you are eligible for a £500 discount on the tuition fee.

This will be deducted from your total balance upon enrolment at the checkout when you enrol with us.

See if you’re eligible for our £500 diversity Grant discount on our Software Engineering FastTrack today.