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Software Engineer FlexiTrackSoftware Engineer FastTrack
Course length

Our Software Engineer FlexiTrack course has no scheduled lectures or classes. You follow along with our bespoke learning materials and pre-recorded lectures at your own pace.

For a more structured course with live lectures (and Q&A) and scheduled class time we recommend our Software Engineer FastTrack course.

12+ weeks full-time
24+ weeks part-time
24 weeks
Access to our community of staff, students and alumni
Mentor support on Slack
Code reviewsIncluded for every project
121 appointments with a tutor or mentor4 included
Access to recorded lectures
Lifelong access to learning materials
Guidance on CVs, cover letters, interviews, tech tests etc.
121 appointments with a career coachUnlimited appointments
Dedicated cohort

Start your course on a specific date in a class of other like-minded students, and make new friends along the way.

Bi-weekly standups

Check in with the rest of your cohort and your tutors twice a week, helping you to stay accountable.

Participate in scheduled classes

Our Software Engineer FastTrack course has 2 scheduled evening classes each week where you're guaranteed tutor support between the hours of 18:30-21:30 (BST)

Watch live lectures and ask questions

Our Software Engineer FastTrack course has scheduled lectures where you can participate and ask questions. These are recorded so you can watch them again them afterwards.

Students on our Software Engineer FlexiTrack course still have access to pre-recorded lectures, which include questions from students in previous cohorts.

Access to support lobby

Our Software Engineer FastTrack course have access to our Support Lobby - a 6 hour online support drop-in that takes place every Saturday 10:00 - 16:00 (BST).

Group project

Students on our Software Engineer FastTrack course have a Group Project module at the end of their studies where they put their skills to the test in a team made up from other students in their cohort, who - with assistance from our expert tutors where needed - work together on an original website or application.

Students on our Software Engineer FlexiTrack programme don't have a formal group project, but are more than welcome to do one independently or find other people within our community to work on a project with if they wish.

Graduation ceremony

We hold an online graduation ceremony for students on our Software Engineer FastTrack course after they have completed their studies, where they showcase their final project along with the rest of their team. This is open to the public, so family and friends are able to attend if they wish.

Certificate of completion
Finance available
10% Womens Discount
Price£2,250.00 (inc. VAT)£5,000.00 (inc. VAT)