At Manchester Codes, we believe that technology is for everyone, and that a career in tech should be available to anyone, regardless of their background, geography, gender, age, ability and socio-economic status.

For this reason we are dedicated in our mission to provide and support opportunities for people from under-represented backgrounds to join the tech industry.

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How are we showing our commitment?

Get started for free

We have created 25 hours of bespoke content that can be accessed for free on our Introduction to Programming course. This also gives people access to our thriving community.

No barriers

Our Bootcamp course retrains individuals with little or no programming experience for entry-level opportunities in Software Development.

Flexible offerings

All of our courses can be taken part-time. We offer courses on different days and commencing at different points throughout the year.

Diversity Grant

To help bridge the gender gap in tech, the Manchester Codes Diversity Grant gives all women and gender minorities on our paid courses a discount on their course fees.

Helping the community

Our students and instructors regularly donate their time and expertise to coding related communities and meetups such as Full Stack of Pancakes, Recode and MancJS.

Educating on diversity

We collaborate with and educate community groups and hiring companies on creating an inclusive culture, through speaking at events or conferences and on a 1:1 basis.

Did you know?

Women only represent 16% of all roles in the tech industry.

"I am 4 months into a Junior Front Developer role and really enjoying it! I got the job offer on the day of our cohort’s graduation."

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"The teachers/mentors and my classmates are fantastic. If they can teach a nurse how to code, I reckon they can teach anybody!"

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